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Don Stoddart: An Iconic Figure in the Canadian Mortgage Industry
Don Stoddart’s remarkable 36-year journey in the Canadian mortgage industry is a story of unwavering commitment, ground-breaking achievements, and a deep-rooted passion for excellence. His career is a mosaic of prestigious awards, innovative leadership, and impactful community involvement.

Professional Milestones:
·         Hall of Fame Inductee in Multiple Organizations: Don’s induction into the Mortgage Professional Canada Hall of Fame, Canadian Mortgage Professional Hall of Fame, and the Mortgage Protection Plan Hall of Fame underscores his status as an industry icon.

·         Lifetime Achievement Award from Mortgage Professional Canada: This award is a testament to Don’s enduring influence and significant contributions to the mortgage landscape.

·         Multiple Reader’s Choice Awards as Number 1: These awards highlight Don’s consistent excellence and the trust he has earned from a wide audience.

·         Springwater Sport Heritage Hall of Fame, Builder Category: Recognizing his contributions beyond the mortgage sector, this award showcases Don’s versatility and commitment to community development.

·         CMP Best in Customer Service: This accolade reflects Don’s unwavering focus on providing exceptional service to his clients.

·         DLC Hall of Fame: This honor further cements Don’s legacy as a leading figure in the industry.

·         Number One Office with Invis MI for Three Consecutive Years: This achievement underscores the exceptional performance and leadership of his team under his guidance.


Leadership Roles:
·         Owner of Key Mortgage Partners: Don’s leadership at Key Mortgage Partners is marked by innovative strategies and a client centered approach.

·         Vice President of Bedrock Mortgage Investment Corp: In this role, Don has showcased his expertise in mortgage investment and his ability to drive significant growth.


Personal Attributes and Community Involvement:
·         Mentor and Industry Leader: Don is revered for his mentorship, shaping the careers of numerous professionals in the mortgage industry.

·         Community Engagement: His involvement in various community initiatives demonstrates his dedication to using his knowledge for societal benefit.

·         Trusted Advisor: Don’s insights are highly valued, reflecting his deep understanding of the industry.


Don Stoddart’s career is not just marked by his achievements but also by the respect and admiration he has garnered from peers, clients, and the broader community. His awards and accolades are reflective of a career dedicated to excellence, innovation, and community service in the Canadian mortgage industry.

Don Stoddart, AMP

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