Getting a mortgage can be very stressful and time consuming event. By deciding to use a mortgage broker, you have already taken the right steps to making the process easier for yourself. Most people don’t realize the complexity of mortgage products. Our goal is to research the mortgage market using our knowledge, technology and resources to find the best mortgage product to suit your needs.


We will work with you, taking into consideration your goals, budgets and home ownership dreams to get you the mortgage you deserve. We partner with lending institutions to make your mortgage transaction happen quickly and easily.

Our technology not only saves time but also saves money by reducing the time it takes to underwrite and a process a deal. We use our knowledge and technology to pre-approve all applications, and deliver this information directly to the lenders. The selections of mortgage products are key to your financial freedom. Undoubtedly we have the largest selection of mortgage product anywhere in Canada.

Trust plays a large part in our success. All of our clients are referred to us. It is this reason that we take the time to handle every application with the respect it deserves. Our service is second to none. Our competent staff allows us to manage our flow of business and co-ordinate everything necessary for a smooth closing. We work closely with you and track your mortgage through to closing.


Trust is created by being up front and honest when filling out the application. If you provide us with the information we require in a timely manner, we can process your application efficiently and effectively. Employment and down payment verification are crucial to your success as these are the key components in any mortgage application.

We will also require the following information:

  • Copy of your signed Agreement of Purchase and Sale, including all schedules
  • Copy of the MLS listing
  • Contact information for your lawyer such as; name, address, phone and fax numbers
  • 2 pieces of personal identification for all parties involved
  • 3 pieces of income verification
    1. Recent pay stub
    2. Letter of employment
    3. Copy of your T4
  • Down Payment verification

And lastly, please refer us to your family, friends and colleagues so we can spend the majority of our time on what we do best – focus on you!